June 25, 2015


I haven't blogged in so long now that its time to close it up and print it all. I'm sad that i didn't better keep it up for Karver's sake. I did a lot while Isley was little and then fell off the blog wagon. Now Isley is almost 4.5 and Karver is 19 months old. My babies are growing up so fast and i can hardly keep up. Having Instagram and printing Chatbooks has helped a lot but its not nearly as descriptive as the blog has been. So goes life…busy, busy!

September 18, 2013

Isley's 2 year old Pictures

I have definitely fallen of the blogging wagon.  I wasn't doing so well before we moved and now I'm just terrible at it.  I know i will regret it see as how i don't scrapbook or keep great record of our lives. Isley is 2 1/2 now and i figured i better put these up before she is three. In 9 short weeks she will be a big sister to baby Karver.  We are getting so excited for him to arrive! I hope she likes him. Ha Ha!

About Isley.... This little girl surprises us every day with her knowledge of things.  She talks our ears off and says the cutest things.  Almost every day she tells me that she isn't feeling so good.  I think she just likes to say that because she loves Doc. Mcstuffins and giving/getting check-ups with her doctor kit! She often will say, "i sure do," or "don't do that, that makes Isley cry." She is a hoot and we love her to pieces! I love when she sings to her self.  She likes to sing "I am a child of God," and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." If you ask her to sing for you, she won't. Here are several pictures that my friend Holly took of her. They show her personality to a T! 

 These last two are so her, if you really want her to smile and she is kinda ornery, this is what she does.

May 11, 2013

Coming November 2013

I made this video to announce to our families that we are expecting another baby!

March 03, 2013

The last 6 Months....

Conference weekend in October.  Matt was on the deer hunt so Isley and i had a girls weekend!

This is his first deer!  He named it Milk Tooth.....

Isley and Uncle Toddy!
My mom has a Halloween pumpkin patch party every year where we can pick out a large pumpkin and some smaller ones to take home. We miss Shelly's family now that they live in Reno.  Its been a tough first year having them miss all the family traditions.
Grandma Springer's Pumpkin Patch!  This one is ours.

Loved her puppy costume this Halloween! I bought it the year before when it went on sale cause i had to have it!

What a difference a year makes.  She is growing up too fast! I miss my baby...

Family Pictures Fall 2012

Isn't he so cute?!

Can't help but love this little girl!
Isley needed a different dresser than the one we bought for her originally.  So i found this one at a consignment store and painted it.  It was not a small project.  The paint wouldn't finish smooth so i repainted it 5 times. It is still not perfect, but i still like it!

To be continued....

September 26, 2012

I apologize now for this forever long post....

It seems i have left my blog behind ever since i got an iPhone. That thing is wonderful and bad all at the same time.  It consumes my life.... I think I've left behind my blog because of Instagram.  Its so nice to take pictures (i have taken 2500+ pics mostly of Isley since i got it a few months ago) and post them privately without using Facebook to do it.  Not that my blog is private or super safe but i feel like Facebook is not a clean or safe website.  I hate that 1. we have to have FB at all and 2. that if we do have to have it, it can't be private.  It can't be private because it is for State Farm. (Sorry for ranting about disliking Facebook, i know I've said it all before.)  Anyway i need to hop back on the blog wagon because it is such a great journal/scrapbook and i will regret it if i don't keep it up.

The summer seemed so busy for us this year!  We played A LOT!  We went swimming, travelled a bit, went to the zoo, the splash pad, went on lunch dates with friends and Matt, and shopped.  I LOVE summer and could totally live with 12 months of it!!  But i do love spring and fall.  Notice that i didn't say winter.... because i dread it!

Isley is now 18 months old and talking up a storm.  Her words are: hello, water, Momma, Dada, Grandma, Papa, inside, outside, bath, puppy, quack, doggie, moo, Indy, more, where-go, shh, on, off, car, u-oh, baby, no, breakfast, and many more.  I counted over 30 the other day and i was so amazed cause i was thinking she only knew a handful of words.  She continues to amaze us and steal our hearts!  Matt and i must tell each other how much we love her daily.  She is so much fun!!  She is still tiny (22 lbs which is what she weighed at 1yr.) yet she is getting tall.  On Sept 16th she went into her own nursery for the first time and absolutely loved it!  She loves to play with kids.  She isn't shy one bit!  She still naps for 3 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon.  I. Love. It!!  She seems like she will be one of those kids that is 18 months old going on 15.  I could only hope not or she may give me a run for my money!

Here is a picture overload of our summer.... way out of order!

All ready for bed and watching DA DA mow...
We often see her with this bucket on her head!

 Swimming at the neighbors pool and feeding their dog nutter butters!
Taking Indy on a ride!
 Drawing after breakfast
Lovin her pool! So sad summer is over....
Loving Brownie the hamster.  Its her cousin Corinne's!
 She really went pee on the potty today!  I'm not ready to potty train and i 
don't think she is really ready either...
This girl loves accessories!  She is wearing cousin Cali's hat while we were at Ryan and Stacy's for the Utah game!
Checking on her puppy!

Las Vegas- 1st weekend in September

We went for my step Grandma Springer's 90th Birthday party.  She is such a sweet person and I'm so glad Isley has got to meet her a few times.  She is Isley's only great grandparent that is alive.  Oh and how funny is it that my dad and his half brothers all look more alike than he and his own blood brother! 
 My dad and his sister Jill with all of their half siblings.
Sweet Grandma Norma Springer
 Matt and Isley
At the Bellagio- Other than shopping in Vegas, I don't care if i ever walk the strip again.  I HATE Vegas unless i am on a shopping spree!  People say it isn't kid friendly, well i don't think its adult friendly either! Too much walking up and down and around instead of a in a straight line and too much trash/porn!
We bought her and us teeth to wear as a joke.  Her picture is pretty funny but the family picture of all of us is pretty hideous and i can't post it! ha ha


My parents and i went to visit all the Watson's (my sisters family) at their new home we also went for Hot August Nights.  Matt had planned on making the trip too but work got crazy before we were supposed to leave.  He only had one employee and they couldn't have ran the office alone.  Anyway, we had lots of fun while there and i feel bad i didn't get more pictures of everyone together.  The 9 hr drive to and from Reno was the least desirable part of our trip....
 Kinley and I at the concert.
 Took this pic at the car show for my brother who had one that looked similar.  
Though his was a Chevy.
 Waiting for the concert to start! It was one of the Righteous Brothers - LOVE THEM!!
 We went on a walk around their new neighborhood! 
We celebrated the August Birthdays- Kinley, My Mom's, and mine!

 Isley would come out on the front porch every day and lay on it like this! 
 Its fun that they are able to play together!
 Rife 11 months
 Grandma and Isley eating cookie brownies and ice cream!

I gave Aunt Jill a hair cut.

 Isley loves her Great Aunt Jill! 

I bought this at a consignment shop and refinished it for Isley's bedroom.  After 5 coats of paint and a lot of frustration i decided to not worry about how the paint looked and just be finished.  In person it doesn't show real great.  Her old dresser wasn't very cute and it wasn't big enough.  This one is the exact opposite!

 On my Birthday (August 21) My Aunt, my Mom and I all went to the Brigham City Temple open house!  It was beautiful.  I loved all the little things about it including the peach trees on the property! After the open house my mom treated us to lunch at Olive Garden! So yummy!

Indy Howard    Born: June 30, 2012

Our little (Shih tzu + Yorkie) SHORKIE 
I'm. So. In. Love!
 The Sunday before my birthday, Matt was ironing his shirt for church and said, "i shouldn't tell you this but i looked on KSL all day yesterday for a dog for you." I was beyond excited as i had really talked my self into the fact that a dog before a completed fence was a bad idea.  But we did it anyway!! I found her on KSL on my moms birthday (August 25) and we went and snatched her up from Bluffdale!
 I finally can use her bed i got from Matt 5 yrs ago!
She is perfect! Except for the biting/nibbling problem she has and may have for like a year.... Isley loves her and has to go find her every morning right when she gets out of her crib.